Privacy policy

This policy applies to information Unisoftdev collects or use on sites and applications owned or controlled by Unisoftdev, but Unisoftdev is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of ad networks and other websites, or any 3rd parties. Please notice, Unisoftdev is not intended for children under 18 years of age. In an interaction, particularly, if we're making an agreement (or contract) and later if an information is necessary to provide a service, then Unisoftdev can be processing informations such as names, or some else potentially sensitive pieces of information, however, accordingly to EU law and serious afford to build as strong relationship with customers as is possible thus Unisoftdev is not providing information about you, or other clients and visitors to third parties, even this company takes really care about your security what is the reason that you're currently browsing secured https locality with ssl(TLS) connection via new http/2 protocol with binary header incompatible for majority of TPC sniffers. Eventually, when you type with chatbots, possibly, you can disclose some sensitive information. I'd like to make it enough transparent that website is storing parts of conversations for purposes of a machine learning (to improve the answers). Unisoftdev's servers and 3rd party subjects (Google and CloudFlare) collect information about you automatically when you visit this Unisoftdev's website. Unisoftdev is collecting data about you such as IP address and information about your computer or mobile device to personalize the content of these websites (this means that each one can see something else, different from the experience of others, a version related to your personal preference and/or device). Noticeably, Unisoftdev is receiving stats about website traffic from Google Analytics (that are tracking visitors of this websites). You can continue reading about cookies policy used on these websites.