Cookies Policy

Respectfully, accordingly to the EU cookies law and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Unisoftdev informs you that is delivering cookies and if you're not willing to receive cookies or you decide to not give a consent, then you can completely disallow the storing of cookies through your browser settings (browsers allow by default, but you can disallow). You are receiving Unisoftdev's and 3rd party cookies sent, or activated every time when a page is loading since Unisoftdev is using Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and CloudFlare's services. Unisoftdev is using analytics to track site traffic patterns so they can identify the popularity of site content and potential site problems. Unisoftdev knows neither your names nor other personally identifiable information.





This is a meta-cookie, so it's a cookie about cookies. Because of the "cookies law", websites need a new one cookie storing the info that a visitor agreed to the cookies policy. Another way, pages would've to display the annoying info all the time.

Forum's cookies





These cookies enable you to be logged in and set up your personal preferences on the discussion board. There's no way how to manage logins without any data storage. Also, you can delete all forum cookies via the discussion board link on the bottom of the Unisoftdev Forum sites.

CloudFlare's cookie



The "__cfduid" is a 3rd party cookie served by Cloudflare, which is a CDN (content delivery network) provider. The cookie tries to detect spyware and malicious behavior in general. And, checks that you're (or you're not) in a public place. For example, if a visitor connects from an internet coffee shop, restaurant, or other public place enabling to stay a bit anonymous then it marks a risky connection. In particular, it collects info about attempts to attack pages by malware and hackers behind the devices. In practice, if Cloudflare has detected any attacker then the cookie sends the info when tries to come again, or on a different website served by Cloudflare.

Google's cookies





There are more 3rd party cookies served by Google when you visit any Unisoftdev's websites. The purposes of these cookies are analytics (metrics) about website usage such as a count of people who visit the pages and click on ads. It helps to create statistics and predict one's behavior. These data are available to Unisoftdev, Google, and some users of their products such as Google Adwords that focus on an advertisement.

Http headers

It can be anything in HTTP headers that includes IP addresses, user agent, web browser's info, page location, document, referrer.