Cookies Policy

Respectfully, accordingly to the EU cookies law, Unisoftdev informs you that is delivering cookies and if you're not willing to receive coockies, then you can completely disallow the storing of coockies through your browser settings (browsers allow by default, but you can disallow). You are receiving 3rd party cookies (particulary, it comes from Cloudflare, Google, Facebook and Twitter) sent, or activated everytime when a page is loading, since Unisoftdev is using Cloudflare's SSL verification, Google Analytics, Google Adsense and somewhere embeded widgets from Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter. Unisoftdev doesn't collect any personal informations within cookies, however, 3rd party providers can do almost anywhere (on any website) you can see an advertisment or/and are used analytics as well as social network conntent (they're using cookies to log in). Unisoftdev is using analytics to track site traffic patterns so can identify popularity of site content and potential site problems. Unisoftdev knows neighter your names, nor other personal identificable informations from this analytics and Unisoftdev doesn't have any access to informations about you, which are collected by 3rd party providers to show you advertising and to log in, but you can count on that these cookies are sent into your browser. You can find out more info about privacy policy of these websites.