We accept Bitcoin

Monero, Tether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin payments are accepted here as any other traditional payment methods.

In a conscious manner, Unisoftdev helps customers, so you can enjoy the highest privacy level that is possible to get and there’s not as much chance to spend Bitcoins online then it’s seen as a potential to provide extras those aren’t provided by others.

That transfer will go via Coinbase Merchant Services that will automatically exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin to British Sterling, thus there’re not expected any troubles with Bitcoin volatility. Neither extra requests, nor refunds will be queried due to rapidly changing prices of cryptocurrencies. Monero is a different case, however, this option should be provided because of security purposes.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that there’s one difference between a bank and crypto transfer. If you make a mistake in the account name then the money will be lost forever whereas this can’t happen in the case of bank transfers.


You will get normal invoices that you can use in rather of countries to discount the amount from your income for income tax if it’s applyable. The template of invoice will be customized for the legislative of your country.

Does it cost the same?

Yes, there’s no difference in price between fiat money and the worth of cryptocurrencies accordingly to a current Coinbase price at the moment of payment. You aren’t gonna be charged any additional fee. One negative thing can really happen and it’s that the cryptocurrency rapidly change it’s price. Unisoftdev accepts a loss of some pennies, but you should consider your own position because this decision is up to you. For Unisoftdev, it’s not important if there’ll be a volatility or it’s gonna cost (something) because any standard payment costs. Actually, the fees paid by businesses for customer credit cards and PayPal payments are pretty high. Businesses pay for transfers more than individuals making transfers between personal accounts.