Percentage commission

A percentage commission of the money-saved amount

Many people aren’t sure whenever it’s worth to pay for a developer which potentially could cost more than could save; therefore Unisoftdev gives another option, a percentage commission calculated from the first year of a run.

Is confident that can help to cut bills, so offers a new option of a price calculated from an amount of saved money for the final money-saving optimization results. Basically, it’s based on a provisioning system. For example, it means that:

If you save nothing, if the “Money-Saving Optimization” service cannot help you then you don’t have to pay at all. The audit will be for free.

If you save =/> £2000 then it’ll cost 19%.

If you save between £1000-£1999 then it’ll cost 29%.

If you save between £999-£501 then it’ll be 39%.

If you save =/< £500 because of Unisoftdev then Unisoftdev will get 49% from the saved amount (e.g.: £147 from £300).

Payment calendar

If you are an individual (not a company with employees) and you think that can’t pay once then under some conditions, Unisoftdev can accept payments spread in more terms. Read more about payment calendar.