Increase conversion rate

How to increase conversion rate Everyone says that you should identify, know your customers' needs and you really can to do it online. In particular, you may do it programmatically without any communication. Do you want to increase online sales conversion rate or improve adwords campaigns? I thought how to do it for Unisoftdev, then it became a part of the servises. For example, there’s an e-shop which sells electro, games, Iphone covers, etc. The e-shop can know ahead what the customer is interested in. Customers browsing via Iphone aren’t interested in goods for devices running on Android, Mac, IOS, Windows, Linux, and oppositely. So if we retrieve the information that we really can get then there are great programmatic options to change the content for each one customer, individually. Can you earn on advertisement and get more people on social media without any loses? Actually, we can recognize between worth and worthless website visitors (in a term of money). You don’t sell in countries facing embargo, maybe you don’t sell worldwide, or you are a different kind of business that know people who come via mobiles are not gonna be customers. Obviously, you don’t wanna put an advertisement of your competitors in a front of your paid customers, however, you will wanna earn on the ads if you really know (ahead) that the people are not gonna pay or you may not sell. The same is possible to do with social media accounts instead of ads. How to get the info and predict their behaviour: Through PHP (server-side) and JavaScript (client-side) languages, we can retrieve informations such as: - The country of a website visitors. CloudFlare free DNS servis makes it very easy. Their servers send me it in a customized HTTP header. Other way, there’re other servises retrieving via IP address and browser. - Gender, profession, interests Via Google Apps Engine (web servises) - Language, nationality (e.g. if you sell books, headquarces and other cloths, food, etc.) Preferred language and languages of visited websites are possible to retrieve via JavaScript from web browsers. - Device - OS Both, PHP and JavaScript support OS detection with a bit of programming/scripting. - Cokies info