Linux system administration, networking, PHP + SQL programming and security

One installation + configurations of a web and sql server + DNS set up 49£

Individually, one installation of a polupar sql server (like MariaDB, or MySQL) and database raws 29£

Individually, one installation and configurations of a web server (OpenLiteSpeed, Nginx, Apache) 29£

Creations of DNS records for one domain name, or subdomain 19£

IP tables / UFW set up (security) 29£

Fail2ban (security) 29£

One installation of a CMS (like Magento, PHPBB, PunBB, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal...) including previous services (it does mean that you can have outperformed your eshop, forum, or whatsoever running on a server such as OpenLiteSpeed and Nginx with newest PHP7, or whatever you want) 49£

Installation and set up of the Postfix - mail server + Roundmail as an UI enabling you to log in and read your messages (including DNS confogurations of domain name) 49£

Password recovery (a password to your website administration of a CMS like Wordpress and so far... There's no problem to get any one password of any one user from a SQL database, if you're unable to log in) 49£