Cheap vps comparison

You can deploy ridiculously cheap VPS (virtual private server) with an instant activation, cheaper and faster than a shared web hostings. That's not only about a speed and price. There's open a lot of options to design your own private cloud environment, install bots (eg you can install crawling bot checking prices from other websites and automatically rewriting your prices, Twitter bot adding new friends...), or your website can be quicker with a software such as Nginx, LiteSpeed, or you want free VOIP calls for customers?

Discounts and one click button installation of Wordpress

You should be aware that some of described products are available with a discount, or as 60 days trial. For example, you can get 10$ discount in DigitalOcean (that's a price of 60 days running VPS), or trial credits for first 60 days within Google Compute Engine. After, you can upgrade, or close Google Compute account. Both of these VPS hostings make it very easy to deploy VPS and you don't technical skills to install needed software such as web server, or CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento...). Many of cheaper providers offer you only vanilla linux, a connection via command line and you don't have any dynamic DNS (eg DigitalOcean provides DNS service included in the price).

Technical details and prices comparison

Aruba 1GB 1core 2TB across EU 1€/mo
Cloudcom 512MB 1 core 1TB Swiss 2.71€/mo
Hostsailor 512MB 1 core 512MB NL, RO 2.99$/mo
OVH 2GB 1 core 1TB? Fr, Ca 3.49$/mo
Iperweb 512MB 2 cores 2TB US, IND, IT 2.9£/mo
Yourserver 512MB 1 core unlimited Swe, Lat 4€/mo
Google Engine 512MB 1 core ? US, EU, East Asia 4.49$/mo ? 1 core unlimited JP 590¥/mo
Cloudcom 1GB 1 core 2TB Swiss 4.51€/mo
Hostsailor 1GB 2 cores 1TB NL, RO 4.99$/mo
Ramnode 512MB 2 cores 2TB US, NL 5$/mo
Vultr 768MB 1 core 1TB US, EU, JP, AU 5$/mo
DigitalOcean 512MB 1 core 1TB US, CA, EU, AU, Asia 5$/mo


We do not guarantee and we are not eligible that mentioned prices and technical specifications of products 3rd parties described in this article are currently still correct, ie no change happened and there's no difference between description on pages of providers and this one, therefore you must read product details from providers sites. This comparison was made 31.1.2016 and many things could change from day to day. Also, we declare that any of informations on this page can be incomplete and one could seem to think if it's incomplete then can be possible to find better prices and technical parameters of VPS offered from different providers which are not mentioned at all.