Twister effect

take me (h)over, try me
image effect
Test the photo on right (that's a live demo of my plugin). This plugin makes that polaroid effect, rotating animation and 40% increasing zoom. If you'll add more images inside of one single article you can call it a image gallery. It doesn't matter how much images are in your post, or where there're placed. It's gonna change all images in your articles and doesn't differ between them. If you mind a browser performance i can inform you that this is not including any javascript, merely PHP, XML instalation file and stylesheet.


This plugin works automatically when you add any image inside article/post... If will come aliens, or it will not be working from any other reason, then use: class='twister' behind img element and then it start to work without. Example before:
<img src=...
and like this new version after your changes of HTML:
<img class='twister' src=...


For CMS Joomla download from here: as a plugin. I'm giving you something for free, nevertheless if you can act symbiotically, then just follow me on Google+, or Facebook.