Social Share Buttons

You need to set up permissions
Joomla article setting

The demo is on the left. It behaves exactly the same on your pages and runs on this. You'll need to make changes in your articles like you can see in the image on the right. The buttons will be displayed only within pages which have enabled the value to hide (This is described on the picture step-by-step). I've released this plugin as open source under General Public License. Notice, on any mobile screen under 450px of their width it's turned off.

Set up

If you've already done the installation and enabled the plugin, then continue with me. In the top menu go to 'Content' -> 'Articles' -> 'Options' -> 'Show Into Text' and select the opion to value: 'hide'. You can choose where you wanna offer these buttons in your articles, however, can't display on the front-page (home page) of your website. This plugin is designed only for articles.