Mask your email

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The PHP code of this plugin is changing the html output of a server, particularly, is using a simple cryptographic trick to obfuscate, mask all email addresses across websites, but addresses will be displayed normally in the browser because of the JavaScript code of the plugin that decrypts back email addresses. The address is unreadable in a raw html. That's what you will see when you will try to see it in a source-code of your website. Noticeably, a majority of email harvesters (bad bots, web scrappers) can't recognize it, while they don't use any JavaScript. Usual bad bot is reading only in the raw html documents and can be searching for emails in a Javascript documents as well, but don't run the JavaScript code. Email addresses masked by this plugin are unreadable by email harvesters as well as are unreadable by humans.


For CMS Joomla download from here: as a plugin.