Image effects

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image effect
This image on right is a live demo of my (free) Joomla's image effect plugin. You're downloading that what you see before and after the effect except the picture and description.


There're called 3 elements of code which normally should appear in article section of your pages, so my plugin should start to work automatically without any coding from you, but... If you install the plugin and images don't change, then it's because of your template, however, if you will add code: class='uni' behind img element thus it will be working without any problems. It should look like this before:
<img src=...
and like this new version after your changes of HTML:
<img class='uni' src=...


For CMS Joomla click and download from here: as a plugin. I'm gifting you, however if you could act symbiotically, then you can just join me on Google+, or Facebook.