Exit intent popup

Almost empty exit intent popup. Therein can
go anything... any text, links, and so whatever.
exit popup
You can see the editor that i built in for
this popup. It's at the same like to edit article.
If it's already enabled and you click on the
plugin, then you can find mentioned editor
enable plugin
These files named 'onexit' are inside and, as
well, you'll download the plugin as 'onexit.zip'
exit popup files
This part of the script calculates where are
the mouse coordinates and starts the action.
javascript code
The demo of the Exit intent popup is here (try it). If you spent 1000/mo for Google Ads, or oppositely, if you're earning from Adsense, selling and offer services, then how much is the plugin worth, if is returning you 10-40% of customers? 100-400? This is a adjustable plugin providing an editor (the same kind like you can use to edit articles) to help you fill in a content into the popup. This one exit popup is activated in a different way. It's checking mouse coordinates and fires when a mouse cursor has hovered a browser bar (the popup doesn't wait for clicks). This approach doesn't make angry visitors and they'll be more willing to co-work with you and visit your pages in a future, since they don't feel to be forced to stay, because this popup doesn't take any control under their computers. That's not some 'are you sure to leave this page?'. You can fill it with a content of the exit popup like for example: discounts, or just an ads, newester, social share buttons... and so whatever. You can make them to stay on the page and even direct them where you need it a lot, what can be complicated to do from random articles.

CMS compatibility

Plugin is tested on 3rd Joomla's versions.