Photography theme

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admin files
You can see front-end inactive demo and how it looks in its administration (there's also a troubleshooting tutorial for you). This is a Wordpress theme with integrated SEO options and a lot of other custom-built features. This theme is responsible (mobile-friendly) up to 320px. All animations are powered by css3, so this theme is not too heavy for browsers, however displays special effects (animations). There're three 404 error pages and you can choose from.

Wordpress compatibility

Porfolio theme is tested on Wordpress version 4.4.2 and 4.2, then should be working as well on any version between.

Browser support

All major desktop browsers are compatible: Chrome, Firefox, Safari 5+, Opera 15+, IE11 and Edge. Mobile browsers: Chrome for Android, Android browser 2.3+, IOS Safari 5,1+, UC browser for Android and Mozila for Android.
This is what you can see inside when you unzip and open the top root of the files
admin files

Help file - documentation about admin UI

On the right, you can see file list and thereof, one single file named 'help' is wearing the logo of Chrome. After when you unzip the file and open, then it can look differently, however, it will be all the time named 'help' and you can open it through your favorite browser. You can try just double click, or 'open with'. This file is apparently similar to this one troubleshooting page.

Included file types (in detail)

Files are zipped and contain .php, .css, .html, .js, .txt, .less, .scss, .eot, .webfont, .woff, .woff2, .TTF, EOT, OpenType font, .svg document, .jpg and .png file extensions. There's also coded in Jquery.

Files which are an object of this purchase

These files are visible on the images in the right. There're .php, .css, .html, .txt and .png file extensions.

File size

The zipped file is 1.5MB in its file size.


This theme is licensed under regular lisence (read more). However, some of particular files are licensed differently, ie some files are licensed under MIT license, GPL and else licenses, while I'm using 3rd parties frameworks such as eg theme-options.php file, pictures, FontAwesome and some javascript files, which are not any object of selling (either way). This files of 3rd parties have described license in readme.txt and in comments (which are inside of files).
These files are from subfile folder named admin