Fight bad bots

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This plugin is identifying (and kicking off) approximately 400 kinds of email harvesters, link and image collectors, and else kinds of harmful web crawlers (spiders, bots). Classically, we'd try to recognize and block them, but this doesn't solve it completely. Some of the bad bots are not so much complicated programs, not very smart and when they are blocked, then they are continuosly trying to get the access again and again, sending thousands of requirements every moment, repeatedly hitting web servers, when a programmer of his web spider forgot that his bot can be blocked. This plugin does something very different. Instead, I've made a proccess that fakes it. The plugin disallows them access to original content, but sends them almost empty document instead of and bots don't know that the empty document isn't really your page. This is a demo of the page that bots will see. Bots will record the real url address, but you'll be sending them an almost empty document, which does not contain any links from your website that could be followed by the bots. After, bots are leaving and they're not comming back. The document contains one link directing them to - their localhost and (while not all of bots are very clever) some of the them will be really following, then, thereof, they'll be duplicating a content of their own computers.

CMS compatibility

The plugin is tested on 3rd versions of Joomla.