3D Image plugin

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Try the demo in the right. Become rememberable and make your images look better. It's a lite code (installable plugin for CMS Joomla) that is easily implementable (distributed as a plugin) and evidently, doesn't kill your browser performance.

CMS compatibility

The plugin is tested on 3rd versions of Joomla.

Browser compatibility

All major desktop browser are compatible: Safari 5+, Chrome, Firefox, Opera 15+, IE11 and Edge. Mobile browsers: IOS Safari 5,1+, Android browser 2.3+, UC browser for Android, Chrome for Android, Mozila for Android, no support for Opera mini.

Files (details)

Plugin is coded in XML (instalation file), PHP and CSS programming language. Files of the plugin are zipped and contain .xml, .php, .css, .txt and .html file extensions. There's also one empty HTML document and two text documents (license.txt and readme.txt).


When you'll seem to think that your plugin is already downloaded and found in your computer, then you can continue step-by-step accordingly to this manual (click here) from the Joomla Documentation. You can install absolutely in the same way as the official Joomla Documentation describes.

After instalation

You need to enable plugin: plg_content_threedimage in the Joomla administration. Go to top menu: Extensions --> Plugins.

Add into articles

You will need to add text: class="fly" behind img. Here is an example:

This is what you can see in your editor when you upload an image. Click on code. After you can see <img src...
You should write class="fly" behind <img like is in this one finished: <img class="fly" src... Then save and enjoy