Recognize and display ads only to noncustomers

Somebody could see it interesting that a simple and small JavaScript code (this is an example) can detect a country and city of visitors (a physical distance of a website visitor to your physical place of a business), language (different cultures tend to buy different products), device brand and a type of a device (e.g. it recognizes between phones used almost only for personal purposes against desktops used in offices and by contractors). Furthermore, this JavaScript can also select who will see and who will not see displayed advertisements (e.g. AdSense), it can choose whoever will get it displayed.

Some ways how can you use it:

  1. Advertisements for a selected group of visitors.
  2. Embeded and displayed social media to get more followers, likes, and shares only for people that you don't mind if they leave from your pages to social networks.
  3. Different offers according to their probable interests.

All businesses need an online presence and once, find themselves to make an important decision which seems an unsatisfactory trade-off between income from ads and income from services, or products sold directly to clients (because clients watching at ads can finish attracted by ads from your competitors or/and ads can annoy clients). So web administrators use to choose uniformly between ads and a clean design for all website visitors with the same view.

Web admins utilize marketing tactics on how to get bigger traffic like for example: "organic SEO" or "paid ads". However, organic traffic and even some of the ad providers bring badly disoriented visitors that don't very well know what exactly is on your websites and where you are geographically located before they have seen it on your pages. It's not straight away clear for your visitors, however, for your JavaScript code it's immediately clear if they're not going to become paying customers if they won't pay for any product or service. If you don't get from them any order, any money for your services then you can yet still use them to get paid from advertisement programs for publishers.

Most probably, the chances are, you've been using some website analytics (e.g. Google Analytics). Now, you know that your visitors often come from different countries or very distant cities what doesn't allow them to visit your physical location, or order online if the delivery time takes too long. Or, you can see that they speak in different languages. For example, if you sell religiously or ethnically thematic products then you already know who will not buy from you (they don't know it before they see your menu).