• Easy to use

    The theme has all in the one (simple to use) user interface with explaining descriptions under each one of the options. You can skip any learning and focus on production.

  • The speed

    We can measure and after compare it. Both of server-side and client-side scripts are optimized. Stylesheet is loaded with a priority and PHP calls are a little bit decreased.

  • Responsive

    Proto is mobile friendly theme adapted as well for small screens. Just mobile users are the fastest one growing (already big) and least cheerful group of visitors in the game.

  • SEO Factor

    Google and Bing take care about user experiences. If you wanna occupy higher positions, then I seem to think that you want a fast and responsive website for any audience.

    Home page article (and widget area)

    This is not merely the place for widgets, but here can be some SEO valuable text, a main core of your presentation, ads and/or whatever you want. One of the options is as well html widget, so I don't really limit you. Here is a link into your theme UI to make it as simple as is possible. You need to be logged in and have already installed the Proto theme before you click. Of course, you can see and find out that UI position in the (left, black) navigation of the WP admin user interface (- UI). Our successes are in a synergy. I want you to reach as much publicity as possible. Please, read this article how to optimize your images.