Conversion rate testing

Noticeably, in a modern days and pro-efficient manner, many progressive web design, and web development providers (which mind your business results) give you multiple, just slightly (not completely) different versions of a product to consider (by yourself) or test the reactions of your website visitors and consequently choose one version that converts as most, works best for you, leads to highest profit or efficiency of a campaign. This can be any aspect of a website like different sizes, placements, images, widgets, or color schemes (for example, "red, black, and white" colors of buttons can stimulate different visibility, and emotions so also the choice can lead to different stats of conversion rate, the stats of people that click or leave pages). 

This example of a code (that I wrote quickly overnight for this post) can interest you: 

My post is about testing based on the statistically automated decision-making process for web design. This script tests multiple versions, makes statistics, and chooses by itself.

In a similar way, I created some SEO scripts capable of testing text-based website content which rates different versions of titles, descriptions, and keywords of your website posts according to a number of visitors referred by Google - traffic coming to website from Google search engine; thereafter opt-in for the best scored one according to final results (the highest traffic per a defined time frame, it chooses and automatically publish a version that brought the most people in the time of the tests). In this case, the methodology differs because the stats are counted for Google traffic per a time period (the number of visitors coming via Google per a time frame), not as traffic from page A per traffic to page B (the number of clicks per visitors). This particular in-text changes, text-based evolution incorporates SQL management instead of JSON (cached in RAMdisk) because website posts are typically saved within a SQL database such as MySQL/MariaDB.