About Unisoftdev

Legal info

Unisoftdev constitutes a legal business entity registered under the HM Revenue & Custom (recognized by the governmental institutions of the UK, therefore internationally) as a sole-trader (a type of enterprise that is owned and represented by a sole responsible person of the business). In fact, a sole-trader can hire people, have own employees, and run international business, however, each one sole-trader is seen as a natural person, not a representant of a (distinct) law person having some different responsibility. Also, "Unisoftdev" stands for a registered business name and is run by Juraj Vysvader (by me).

J. Vysvader > the Unisoftdev story

Retrospectively, before my university study of science (in computer science), I'd been already interested in and inclined to learn but (in those times) as a self-taught learner. Consequently, I established a local business in mid 2010. Even the most expensive and trusted brands getting paid extra costs for their "names" consist of (more than 1/2) self-taught developers, and interns. These include any bigger software and web development companies, furthermore the greatly paying tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, or Google are even happy with well-paid students of technology/science. Developers know, customers don't. Living in a small and biased city, the opportunities to get local customers weren't the best. Two years afterwards, I moved to London, later started to study, and Unisoftdev has been established at the end of 2015 (tax year).

For some more years, I'd been working for Unisoftev and an employer at the same time. In a conscious manner, I realized that I am productive and can lean on myself (I don't drink, etc, and only once per 9-10 years have took a sick day off work as an employee). Thus, It'd be good to work for me, so I employed myself a bit more, self-employed for more money. Computer scientists are most in-demand on the world work market since rather of the most in-demand professions, job titles (starting from n. 1) are directly falling under computer science (even without data science and machine learning). On the UK scale, it covers 3 out of the top 4 most in-demand jobs (again, starting from 1th) and 1/2 of the top 10.

Where did the name came from?

Do you know BackRub? That's an old name of the company rubbing back links (Google), or Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web (Yahoo), Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (IBM), Research in Motion (Blackberry), and Confinity (PayPal). Well, and now, Unisoftdev means: "Universal Software Dev". There'll be some tests, experiments, Unisoftdev will get more collected feedback in a year, or two and it's not impossible that the name can be changed. But it's not gonna happen in the next one year, minimally. If there'll be any change of the name, all the traffic from the Unisoftdev's domains will be redirected automatically and the domain name will be held forever, either way. If it's really gonna happen (that's not sure at all) then It's not gonna have any influence on the website, or social media accounts, or any legal things. Everything will be set up to work like before.