Find UniSoftDev

Unisoftdev is a London-based software and web development company consistently supplying digital goods (downloadable online), nevertheless, I don't work only remotely, so am reachable physically if you are from London, or minimally, you are a company based in the same country. We can arrange a personal interview from face-to-face. There's a reason to meet personally, especially, if we will need to sign a contract, or prove. Either way, I can offer you an online agreement, or we can deal through a postal service (e.g. the Royal Mail). Check the contacts.

Fresh approach

Unisoftdev doesn't provide the same kinds of services as a vast majority of web developers, while they're not using up-to-date techniques. Therefore, it's provenly possible to be faster (loading in 0.3 second) than 99% of the rest measured from a geographically near European location distributed via an anti-ddos CDN and, even almost 100% without a proxy (CDN) powered by an advantageous web server such as the (anti-ddos and really fast) LiteSpeed instead of the Apache. The proxy increases the load time, while 60-70% of requests aren't cached. This is merely one of a lot examples. Why there're doing it? Reasonably, all programmers used to work with an older software, so all of them are experienced and that's why they're cheaper and easy to find (and hire), while are not rare (the rare are more expensive). Employers (offering a web development on the server-side) don't try to be progressive, because it wouldn't be economically spent if, either way, customers don't know what they're gonna get. However, if you wanna outperform your rivals, then must be progressively ahead. Both of us must be.

average ≙ prices
markets ≅ 60%
our price ≤ 40%